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10-30-19 Environment
Evaluating the Potential Risk from Impounded Sediment

Emily White, Visiting Research Associate, Center ... Read More

09-30-19 Environment
Bard’s Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System

Emily White, Visiting Research Associate, Center ... Read More

04-30-19 Legal
Saw Kill Project: Permitting – Public Meeting Q&A

Jan Borchert, Current Hydro Introduction Dams ... Read More

02-06-19 Environment
Environmental Flows

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering The ... Read More

11-12-18 Environment
Potential Impacts of Hydropower – A Community Perspective

This map series takes a local view of the ... Read More

12-22-17 Environment
Mapping the Risks

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering One resource ... Read More

12-15-17 Environment
Biology & Habitat Impacts

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering ... Read More

08-30-17 Environment
Hydrology: The Role of a Dam in the Local Watershed

Ben Houston, GroundPoint Engineering Dams and the ... Read More

08-16-17 Technology
Using the National Water Information System

Professor Matthew Deady, Professor of Physics, ... Read More

08-02-17 Saw Kill
Saw Kill Project: American Eel

Megan Lynch & Kadijah Spence, Master's ... Read More